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General Information
Department of Statistics and Operations Research

Adress: Facultad de Ciencias
Paseo de Belén 7, 47011, Valladolid (España)

Head of the Department:
Academic Secretary:
Cristina Rueda Sabater
Miguel A. Fernández Temprano
Tel : 983 42 30 00 Ext. 4168
Tel : 983 42 39 45

Administrative Secretary:
Azucena Prieto Poza
Tel: 983 42 31 11 Fax: 983 18 58 61

There is a single area of knowledge in the Department: Statistics and Operations Research. However, in this area there are two subjects. One of them includes Probability and Statistics and the other one Operational Research.
The roles of the Department, as the basic unit of the organization of teaching and research at the University, can be summarized as follows:

  1. Organization and development of teaching in the subject area of competence, including the PhD.
  2. Organization and development of both basic and applied research in the subject area of competence.
  3. Promote, in the corresponding area, relations between the University and society through scientific and technical projects, support and counseling, specialized courses, etc ...
  4. Promote and maintain documentation resources related to the subject area.

The Department conducts its activities of teaching and research in two UVA campus, Valladolid and Palencia, teaching many subjects in various degrees.

For the development of its activities, staffing is 24 teachers (4 CAUN 1 CAEU 12 PTUN 7 PTEU), 2 FPI Fellows, 1 administrative secretary and 1 computer equipment technician.

The Department has several statistical laboratories and a library with more than 5000 volumes. This library is the most comprehensive in the region in the subject area, and is continuously updated. Also, the library of the Faculty of Sciences provides subscriptions to the most prestigious national and international scientific journals in the area.

The Department in other Faculties and Schools in the Valladolid Campus:

Industrial Engineering School
Department representative: Alfonso Gordaliza Ramos (alfonsog@eio.uva.es )

Faculty of Medicine
Department representative: Agustín Mayo Iscar (agustinm@eio.uva.es)

Nursing School
Department representative: Agustín Mayo Iscar (agustinm@eio.uva.es)

The Department in the Palencia Campus:

Agricultural Engineering School
Avda. de Madrid, nº 57, 34004 Palencia
Department representative: María Teresa Ramos García
Tel: 979 10 84 62, e-mail: mayte@eio.uva.es